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Lana.  Daughter.  Sister.  College student, Santa Cruz based disc jockey, effervescent, intense, and beautiful (both on the inside and out.) Her parents ooze creativity.  Father, a writer/director.  Mother, a creative entity unto herself... fashion, film and fabulous.  Lana has her mother's energy and her father's funny... other than that she is all pure LANA.   I have always marveled at Lana's ability to put together an outfit.  She is the queen of layering.  Expressing herself with at least one dynamic ensemble choice.  And always tying the look together with a splash of today and a dash of yesterday. 

Truly magnificent. 



"A wise girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows that she has none."   

Marilyn Monroe 1953

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A Day At The Beach Jumpsuit
  • $35.00
Pink Lemonade Ensemble
  • $35.00
Leopard Wise Ensemble
  • $38.00
Artemis Crochet Beach Dress
  • $38.00
Strike A Pose Leggings
  • $36.00
Strike A Pose Yoga Shirt
  • $38.00
Melody Maker Blazer
  • $150.00
Crazy Little Thing Called Love Ensemble
  • $66.00
The Queen is Calling Ensemble
  • $52.00
Shannon’s Soulful Denim Jacket
  • $60.00
School Daze Book Bag
  • $48.00
Angelique Crop Top
  • $23.00