"lose yourself in the music, the moment..."

We all have that song that helps us lift our heads a bit higher, find our second wind... reminds you, "I got this."  Mine?  Lose Yourself by Eminem.  If you met me you would have a hard time believing this was true.  The long blonde hair Bohemian, one-time East Coaster via Hawaii, living her life ALL IN as a Southern California girl, has a love for good lyrics and a "driving beat" (forgive the inside joke.)  Over the last few years, my life has changed drastically.  Not for the worse - just different.  I am in the process of a slow, yet very amicable divorce.  I am discovering what dating means at 50.  And of course the cliché self-discovery.  Did I mention my tween-ager?  She constantly reminds me just how much I "don't understand".  Right, I was never 13.

So, with all this excitement, transitions and discovery I decided I wanted to branch out from my everyday job (which I love) and create a sportswear clothing line.  Maybe even define my independence a bit... if only in my own mind.  I have always augmented my purchased sportswear in order to meet my workout needs.  Now, I could design what I felt worked for me and would hopefully interest others.    I forged ahead to achieve this goal.  Coming close a few times.  Then a friend suggested E-commerce.  It's the here and now.   It was the perfect blend; what I loved, what I wanted, and what I could find success at - eventually offering me an outlet for my own designs.  

WOW!  E-commerce has a vocabulary all its own, social media that far exceeded my knowledge (prior to I posted maybe once a month on FB), coding, e-blasts, advertising, funnels...  IT IS FANTASTIC!  I was flying by the seat of pants at the beginning.  Started with a partner.  No more partner.  Had to change the name of the original store, but I have found my stride.  Sleep - eh who needs it. Coffee, my laptop, and Alexa - my new best friends.  

I sell what I wear... and the workout accessories I use.  Working out brings me peace of mind and not a bad figure to boot.  I never want to be a girl (btw I will always be just a girl) who will ever say "woulda", "shoulda" or "coulda" in a sentence.  

So, I put my wireless headphones on.  Turn the volume up just a bit and hit PLAY. 

You better lose yourself in the music, the moment
You own it, you better never let it go (go)
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime 

I Got This,